12 New Cool Gadgets The World Isn’t Ready For 6 months ago

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12 new cool gadgets the world isn’t ready for.

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12. SpotMini - 1:10
11. ORII - 1:55
10. SGNL - 2:23
9. Muzo - 2:52
8. Nora - 3:21
7. Noonee - 3:44
6. Zungle - 4:03
5. OMBra - 4:26
4. Digitsole Smartshoe - 5:00
3. Griffin Toaster - 5:31
2. Plume - 5:54
1. Proof - 6:16

Stamp lubricator - 7:15
Smoking machine - 7:28
Gas mask baby strollers - 7:42
Babe cages - 7:57
Bed Piano - 8:11
Cone Masks - 8:24


12. SpotMini: Boston Dynamics is an engineering and robotics design company and is perhaps best known for the development of the BigDog robot, which was designed for the U.S. military. Their latest creation is the SpotMini, a smaller, quadruped robot that is meant to be used in the home in an office.

11. ORII: If you thought the smartwatch was cool, you will definitely want to hear about the smart ring, which gives you full hands-free control of your smartphone. If you get a call, you simply hold the ring up to your ear and talk. The audio from the call plays through the ring and is said to be crystal clear. The ring also allows you to make social media posts and send messages.

10. SGNL: The Kickstarter campaign for Sgnl promises that you can make a phone call with your fingertip. All you have to do is strap the Sgnl band to your smartwatch. It works with the Apple Watch, Samsung Gear or Pebble Time. It works by transmitting a vibration through your hand and finger, which is then heard as sound in the ear. Very cool, and very freaky.

9. Muzo: Escape from the world and create your own personal zone of silence with the Muzo. The Muzo drowns out any unwanted nearby sounds and quietens your personal space. It works with your smartphone and offers its users a variety of settings to help them determine what kind of silence they want. So if you want to create your own quiet, personal space, you will definitely want to check out the Muzo.

8. Nora: If your snoring is causing you and your partner to have some sleepless nights, you might want to look into the Nora. The Nora adjusts your head while you sleep with an inflatable insert inside your pillow. If it hears you snoring, it will make the adjustments to drown out or silence the noise. It’s essentially a smart pillow.

7. Noonee: No chair, no problem. The Noonee is a wearable ergonomic mechatronic device. It is like an exoskeleton that creates a chair when you bend your knees. We can see this being ideal for people who have jobs where they stand all day.

6. Zungle: If you want to hear your music privately without using headphones and potentially damaging your ears, then you might want to check out the Zungle. The Zungle may look like a pair of sunglasses, but it uses bone conduction technology to transmit sound directly into your head. It’s very sci-fi and very cool.

5. OMBra: Want to track your fitness data while you work out sans smartwatch, check out the OMBra, a smart sports bra. OMSignal is already a leader in the smart clothes sector and their OMBra is set to change the wearable fitness category. The OMBra can keep track of all the same things your typical smartwatch can (heart rate, calories, steps), but it can do something your smartwatch can’t (your oxygen consumption and breathing rhythm).

4. Digitsole Smartshoe: This isn’t the iconic Nike shoe from ‘Back To The Future: Part II’, but it’s pretty close. While Nike has released their Air Mag, the technology inside left a lot to be desired. The Digitsole Smartshoe addresses those concerns and is about as futuristic as it gets. It features auto-tightening, heated insoles, 3D walk analyzing, and even gives you feedback on your gait.

3. Griffin Toaster: The smart toaster is real and it is fabulous. The Griffin Toaster connects with your phone and allows you to select just how toasted you want your toast. You can also get notifications when your toast is done being toasted. Is this necessary? No. Cool? Yes.

2. Plume: This little wearable device tracks the pollution and air quality around you. The plume keeps tabs on a variety of chemical compounds that may be in the air and are harmful to us. For those who live in large urban, dense cities, the plume might be a necessary gadget.

1. Proof: Milo Sensor’s Proof keeps track of your blood alcohol content by monitoring the perspiration from your skin. It sends the data to your smartphone and can be monitored via a very helpful app. So if you like to party responsibly, the Proof may be exactly the gadget you need.

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